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I have always had the need to self-express. As a child, I often spent countless hours drowning in artistic pursuits to feel the beauty of creating something that held personal meaning to me. From drawing & sketching to writing poems and proses, my passions followed me everywhere I went.

A huge fan of renowned photographer Anne Geddes, I remember morphing my niece's pictures into Anne's beautiful artworks. Motherhood fuelled the fire and I found myself falling in love with the camera, as I took countless pictures of my kids, documenting their everyday lives with pictures. It felt like I was making something special by wanting to make it exist in an object, on paper or even just on computer. My true heart’s calling still lies amongst the pieces of art I created decades ago. 


My creative career began with a discovery that somewhere along my journey as a parent I had lost sight of WHY I began to create. Inspired by the optimist, Simon Sinek, the author Elizabeth Gilbert and the teachings of other inspirators I began to create again, this time with love, passion and clarity. I realised that the key to success and creative fulfilment is a true understanding of what drives you.
Newborns are my favourite subjects to photograph. I feel honoured to have each and every opportunity to document the astonishing new lives. There is nothing more joyful than those photos of a new baby. Those photos are the ones you will always come back to look at along your babies journey. They are the only tangible link to your memory that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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